Our Marketing Plan

TRUTH: The only real difference between agents is that some “list” houses and some “market” them. Selling a home is much more than a “For Sale” sign. Our proven marketing and advertising strategy consists of:

  • Staging Strategies
  • Pricing Strategies
  • For Sale Signs, Ryder Signs, and Directional Signs
  • Tube or Box with Flyers
  • MLS (Georgia MLS and FMLS)
  • Web Listings
  • Virtual Tour
  • Internet Propagation to all the Major Real Estate Sites
  • Open House Program
  • E-mail Campaign
  • Postcard Campaign
  • Track Showings and Collect Feedback
  • Target Marketing
  • Weekly Seller Updates
  • Agent Property Caravans
  • Creative Marketing Ideas

Every home is different; we will customize our marketing approach to meet your specific home.