Cliff & Jennifer Shannon

Dear Jose,

We can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and help in selling our old home and buying our dream home. As you know, we tried unsuccessfully to sell our home on our own for some time. We also had a bad experience with the agent who originally sold us our home, so the last thing we wanted to do was work with another agent.

You proved us wrong in our thinking. From the moment you stepped foot in our living room, you had a way of making the entire selling/purchasing process easy to understand. We felt comfortable with you because you explained everything so thoroughly, and you confidently took command of every situation along the way.

Your expertise in handling any problem that arose was impressive. Furthermore, you proved yourself to be skillful at handling yourself in a calm, professional, and straightforward manner that showed your knowledge and expertise in the real estate field.

Jose, we actually had fun working with you and have recommended you to many of our friends. Thanks again for your hard work and diligence in all you do.


Cliff and Jennifer Shannon